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                                     WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A BUSINESS PLAN?

The Business Plan is designed to describe the process of building and sustaining a profitable business based on the product or service you have conceived. The plan will be of value at all stages of your business:

In the beginning it will be used to convince investors or bankers that your business has enough potential to justify a loan or the investment of capital.

During implementation of the plan it will be used by management as a checklist of milestones to be achieved and a document to provide guidance in times of indecision.

As your business begins to mature, your strategic planners will use it to understand the steps that were good and those that were bad as you introduce new products and/or services into the mix.

If and when you are ready to sell your business it will be the tool to convince prospective buyers that the acquisition is of value.


A common misconception regarding the Business Plan is that it is only a tool to acquire funds for the business. While it is indeed appropriate for that the Business Plan should also be used as a " management tool" for regularly reviewing objectives, defining new market opportunities and functioning as the document that insures that all management personnel have the same understanding of why they are in business.

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 If you are a business owner, a business manager, or going into business for the first time, at some  point you will need to develop a "business plan" Whether you need to raise capital or create a clearer focus for your organization, a business plan is as necessary to the small business owner as a road map is to a traveler in new territory.

            FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL, NOT ON HOW YOU'LL GET THERE - Burke Franklin

 Every business has its own unique set of necessities, but when it comes to establising a business plan, certain rules and patterns must be followed. There are key elements you should be aware of that investors, bankers, and other financial sources look for when considering a project for financing.

 Although most people associate writing a business plan with raising capital, there are also other types of plans that focus specifically on the nature of growing the enterprise. These types of plans are called "strategic business plans" and are generally kept within the business. These plans are excellent tools for competing in today's tough business climate.

If you compare prices, always compare " apples with apples". Be careful with low cost, cheap, or generic type of business plans because they will not fly with any investor and will not meet with their criteria.

                                   CHEAP IS NOT ALLWAYS THE BEST WAY TO GO!