Land, Rural and Property Development

We have the experience and know how to assist our clients successfully when starting a business in land development

There is no reason why vacant land should not be bought simply as an investment, but you (or someone else) will eventually want to build on it, and it is in this context that its market potential needs to be assessed. First find out whether there are any restrictions in the form of servitude's; check on the zoning of the land and the surrounding properties: whether or not the area is zoned for business, townhouse developments or high-rise buildings is a matter that will influence your decision to buy.

Land development

It is generally agreed that land is a sound long-term investment, but of course there is more in question than a empty piece of land; the value of a property is determined by the "improvements" as well as the intrinsic merits of the vacant land. It is essential therefore to visualize the property as a whole rather than consider its various elements, present and future in isolation.

Without a sound business plan, you'll be unable to find funding for any of your projects. It's important to remember that a business plan is more than a means to money; its also the blueprint of the business and the best way to test whether or not the business is "feasible".

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Rural development

Projects which are geared towards poverty alleviation are mostly planned by men for men and women are very seldom in the planning stage. Women are therefore objects and not subjects of the development process. Most policy makers are not gender sensitive and women often find themselves left behind.
Development projects also seem to be devoid of the attention to " local needs and preferences" and are therefore sometimes irrelevant. Also, many rural development projects do not achieve their intended objectives and others even produce unwanted results and perpetuate the existing socio-economic bottlenecks experienced in the rural areas.
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Student accomodation shortage is not a problem peculiar to SA - It is also a global one. Nationally, current student housing can only accomodate approximately 18% of the total student enrolments in higher education.
Student housing offers excellent investment opportunities for entrepreneurs but should be approached via a sound strategy and solid business plan to mitigate any sector-specific challenges.
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Property development

Whatever activities you get involved with, some of the basic guidelines that apply are:

Prepare or ask a "Professional Consultant" to prepare a proper and well-structured business plan.

Be realistic in terms what you can afford.

Plan all your projects in as much detail as possible.

Do not begin construction work until the land has been registered in your name and the building plans been approved.

Undertake a thorough cost analysis before you start ordering any material.

Supervise all construction work very closely.

Be careful not to overpay for work done.

Something else to consider is the purchase of an existing property/building and then renovate and develop it to your market related needs. The secret is to do your homework properly by negotiating and ensuring that the selling price is market related. Proper market research and factors to consider should be:
  • area;
  • location;
  • security;
  • market.