How can I make my “Pitch” for funding to Investors and Banks more memorable?

September 21, 2015 Hansie Britz

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The problem is not that pitches are boring. Many of them are quite exciting with all the promises being made. The problem is that so many pitches sound alike because most of them make the same claims. You can make your pitch more memorable by preparing a short (10 slide, 20 minute) presentation with a good story of how you solve real pain. Less than 1% of pitches do this.  To develop a memorable pitch, imagine that your audience is at the end of a long day of boring meetings; everyone is barely awake, much less attentive; and people just want to go home. More often than not, this is exactly what you’ll get, so be prepared for it.

Business Finance is about achieving balance. The best way to achieve that balance is to do the job right the first time. That means taking the time to prepare a business and financial plan – or get the help of a professional consultant – that make sense. When they make sense to you, they will make sense to everyone else reading it.